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Common Questions and Answers

1. What do we do with the appliances?

Include, exclude or negotiate for them to be included.

2. Can I take my shelves, Satellite dish & receiver light fixtures matching window coverings?

Yes, we need to put them as a exclusion on the listing.

3. What do I do during the Showing?

The best option would be if you could leave the premises. This gives the potential buyers to be able to comment and ask questions without feeling restricted.

4. What are options when an offer is made?

Accept, Reject or Counter.

5. What do we do with our keys once our home is sold?

You will give them to your lawyer, and he/she hands them to the buyer’s lawyer once all money & documents are in their hands.

6. How do we deal with multiple offers?

Multiple offers are presented to the Seller at the time decided upon and noted on the listing. They will be presented to you sealed and untouched. We will open the offers, see which one is best suited to you and accept the offer.

7. Can we counter an offer when we have multiple offers?

It’s your house, you can accept, reject, or counter any offer you want for any reason you want. Ethically, you should choose the best offer. Remember, in a multiple offer situation, the purchaser’s are usually paying over the list price for your home. You risk losing a good offer once you start countering.