Sandra Sass

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1) As a buyer, why do I need a real estate agent when I can look for homes on my own? I know how to use the internet to view properties and, I can call agents to make appointments to view homes or go to open houses.

Realtors are full time professionals and provide much more than just the MLS information. My primary job is to counsel (different word) clients on all aspects of real estate- including area trends, government programs, zoning and by law issues, home warranty programs, financing options and more. I know the language of contracts and process the documents ensuring they get to the right people at the right time. Most importantly, as your agent I am trained to negotiate on your behalf.
I can make suggestions in necessary professions essential to your purchasing decision such as mortgage professionals, home inspectors, lawyers, contractors, insurance firms, moving companies based on the recent experience my clients have received in all areas. I take the guesswork out of such services so you don’t need to randomly pick companies from the internet.

2) Why should I commit to use one agent?

Real estate agents who are members of the Winnipeg Real Estate Board all have access to the same information through the MLS system. Having a handful of agents searching for you will generally result in many agents providing you with the same information. As a code of conduct and common professional business practice, ethical, professional Realtors will choose to not work with a buyer if they know that the buyer is actively working with another agent. Knowing that they could potentially endanger the position of a fellow colleague is often more than a professional realtor will tolerate. It makes most sense to fully commit to one Realtor. You should select that person based on their track record, market knowledge and customer satisfaction level. You will experience much better service from a loyal real estate professional. In return for expert service and advice, you should be prepared to be dedicated to that Realtor.

As a professional realtor, I give all of my clients 120% effort. In return I only expect 120% commitment and loyalty.